Retirement: Different by Design

Are You Really Ready to Retire?

Retirement can be our real wonder years;

but, the transition to life after work can be one of the most challenging periods of our lives; especially, for those naively unaware of the retirement traps, dangers, missteps and false promises awaiting them.

So, before handing in your retirement papers and telling the boss to take this job and *#$%^& take five minutes to find out if you are really ready for retirement and retirement is really ready for you by taking Dr. Rick’s Retirement Readiness Inventory –you will find it both enlightening and informative. Please consider the following:

Make sure your ready

1. If you have a spouse, significant other or partner also contemplating retirement both should independently complete the retirement inventory, compare notes and then jointly decide if you are really ready to retire.

2. Why duplicate the angst, bumps, bruises and missteps other retirees have experienced if we can learn from our collective mistakes and shared victories—life can be made easier with a little help from your friends; and, consider Dr. Rick and Retirement: Different by Design your new BFF.

3. Above all, whatever you do or decide now or in the future—Always Enjoy the Ride!

Dr. Rick’s Retirement Readiness Survey

Total Score:

  1. Q1: Retirement's don't just happen, we have to make them happen.
  2. Q2: It's time to live life by my/our rules.
  3. Q3: Making memories is more important than making money.
  4. Q4: I look forward to being with my significant other 24/7.
  5. Q5: I/We have a retirement life plan mapped out.
  6. Q6: Work is stressful, uninteresting, and my colleagues are retiring.
  7. Q7: When retiring from something, you have to retire to something.
  8. Q8: Retirement is about who we become, not about who we were.
  9. Q9: I/We have sufficient assets to fund our desired retirement style.
  10. Q10: I can walk away from work without concern, regret or misgivings.